Late Company offers a star-making turn for Baker Chase Powell as Curtis as you watch him morph from non-caring and unapologetic, into accepting his own role in Joel’s suicide...Powell’s total breakdown at the end is breathtaking in its heartbreaking realism.

-- Shari Barrett, Culver City News

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Dolemite Is My Name, now streaming

on Netflix

Baker alongside Wesley Snipes on the set of Dolemite Is My Name.

baker chase powell_Wesley Snipes dolemite is my name

Baker as Steven Dodd in Dolemite Is My Name, directed by Craig Brewer

L.A.'s Finest, Spectrum Originals


With Jessica Alba and Duane Martin on the set of L.A.'s Finest

Best Actor win at Nightmares Film Festival

Awarded 'Best Actor' for his role in, 'We Die Alone', in which he starred & co-produced.

World Premiere of Xenophobia


Cast & Crew of Xenophobia, from Vision Films

Baker as 'Aidan' in We Die Alone


With one actor (Baker Chase Powell) leading the entire production, the character development really is a shining example of a script done right and you feel that you know the character Steve and can immediately identify with his struggle.

-- Ash Hamilton, HORRORFIX